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Address. 8330 S Tuckaway Shores Dr

Franklin Wisconsin  53132

Tel. 414.235.4600

Email. [email protected]

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Abbott Nutrition

American Advertising Federation

ARC Pacific


BridgeGuard (Talon Research)

Briess Industries

Curtis Industries (Powers Holdings)


Finlandia University

FORRER Business Interiors


JONCO Industries

Kalmbach Publishing

McDonald’s Restaurants

Metropolitan Association of Realtors

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

One Hour Martinizing

Procter & Gamble

The Rauser Agency, SC

Sales & Marketing Executives

Standard Electric Supply Company


Union Carbide

United Airlines

United Wisconsin Grain Producers

Wilson Printing  

Wisconsin Coil Spring

    ...and More


"The Grede Company is ideal for the small- or medium-size business that wants to use social networking, but lacks the time, knowhow, or strategy."   

    — T.J. Dybro, Dir.

      Council of Small Business Executives

“The Grede Company, in just a few days, analyzed my business; cut through the marketing and advertising chaff recommended by every trade organization, media salesperson, and ‘marketing specialist’ that descends relentlessly on a small business; and recommended concise organizational changes and a marketing plan that, in two years, increased our sales by 58%; elevating us to the 83rd largest quick printer in the United States from a field of over 65,000 companies.”

     — Dale Wilson, President

         Wilson Printing

"If you are looking for an experienced marketing strategist who understands the connection between the principles of marketing and social media, look no further."

     - Wayne Breitbarth, Owner

       M&M Office Furniture