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Address. 8330 S Tuckaway Shores Dr

Franklin Wisconsin  53132

Tel. 414.235.4600

Email. [email protected]

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"If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there."  


The Grede Company identifies and implements brand strategies for small- and medium-size businesses.


• Explore Target Niches

• Launch New Products

• Identify "Blue Ocean" Markets

• Validate Long-Term Goals

Follow the critical path to success with promotion maps.


Differentiate your company and its brands in a crowded marketplace.  


• Build Brand Awareness

• Boost Market Share

• Manage Social Media Content

• Implement Promotion Plans



Outsource Your Marketing


• Build Leading Brands

• Industry Awareness

• Target-Niche Marketing

• New Product Development

Strategic Planning

Promotion Maps


Growth Management

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Three ways to grow your business: