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Social networks are no longer a trend.  They have become the most influential tool among the bevy of media choices.


Because the marketplace is crowded, consumers rely on filtering mechanisms to navigate and inform their choices.  


Social networks provide a platform where people can converse, share information, refer others, and research their next purchase.


They offer a world of friend-to-friend discovery that is worth more than any TV ad or radio campaign.  

Social Media

Social Media

Why You Need Social Media

How To Use Social Media

It's a game of influence.  


Google indexes determine your company's importance.  How you manage your online platform determines that influence.


We build online platforms incorporating

 - Marketing experience

 - Academic theory

 - Pragmatic implementation


FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn are just tools.  We program social media to work for you.    

 - Advertising

 - Direct marketing

 - Sales promotion

 - Publicity  

 - Personal Selling


We show you how to influence.

• 79% of adult Americans use the Internet

• 47% of all adults have at least one social media account

• 92% use Facebook

• 18% use LinkedIn

• 13% use Twitter

Source: eMarketer, 2014

Who Uses Social Media

Social Media Tip

As a general rule, FaceBook and Twitter work best for B2C while LinkedIn works best for B2B (there are always exceptions).

Who Uses Social Media